Customers Stories

Drytek Distribution LLC, USA
Ancillary support technology company
One year assignment to establish an ancillary technology start up company serving the semiconductor and other science and manufacturing industries. Won US distribution rights from Taiwan and China
Introduced three product lines; Dry vacuum pumps, Turbo pumps and semiconductor reticle wafer carriers. Designed marketing brand and planned product launch, including Marcom. Implemented US alliance network of sales and service support representatives. Established financial oversight, budgets and revenue streams.

Florida, USA.

Phil worked with me for a year. During this time he helped me recognize strengths and weaknesses of my business and identified ways to move onwards.

He tutored me with skill, reminding me of forgotten theories and teaching me new ways to look at the business.
Nothing flash or fancy, just a good solid path to moving my business onwards and upwards and providing my customers with even better service.

One particular skill Phil has is using real knowledge and experience to solve real problems, rather than the usual Management Consultancy jibber jabber which promises everything but achieves nothing.

Andrew Moore

CEO , AMC Logistics, Belguim

AMC Logistics, Europe
International sports logistics.

A one year assignment to mitigate risk assessment to UEFA, Europes governing soccer authority. Logistics are managed by AMC Logistics. Built a strategic plan on how to grow the company, refocused the owner’s roles and responsibilities and management techniques. Assisted in brining in a new number two in to the organization and developed rethinking on possible new European markets in sports logistics.

Belgium, Europe.

Industrial vacuum pump technology

One year assignment with a vacuum service and repair company.
Negotiated US distribution rights of a new product line together with marketing plan to target customer base and sales funnel processes. Designed new core products portfolio, re-branding and re-marketing with competitive advantages. Managed service activity for new products. Assisted in bringing two additional US distribution product lines.

California, USA.

I met Phil as he started up Drytek. During a remarkably short period of time I have witnessed how Phil put in place the structure for successful business development. Starting from nothing, Phil negotiated US distribution rights with oversees technology manufacturers, and put in place the critical network of representatives in the US for sales and service of those products.

Emmanuel Rausa Sr.

Product Marketing Manager, Cymer

Hi-Tech Glass for; defense, auto’s, marine, aviation, architecture.

Developed extensive business proposal for the owners who were looking at exit strategies and selling the business on, as a going concern.  Review of the organizations resources and capabilities, due diligence on preparation for sale, upside and on-going business operations. Items covered included employees, financial performance, inventory, sales and marketing, contracts and off balance sheet items. Steps required to urnaround the company and make it a viable business for sale.

Italy, Europe, Mexico, Sth America

Barna Consulting, Afghanistan
Fast food industry.

90 day assignment that successfully developed a business plan, to present and gain from a German investor the required capital to start a fast food chain in Kabul.
Kabul, Afghanistan.

It has been a pleasure and a great help working with Phil on this project. I am constantly working with current and potential investors to raise additional funds for TriLumina. Some of the ratios and “Marketing Moments” are exceedingly helpful. With a measurement such as dollars spent on IP with investment, I can show my investors that we are being prudent with their dollars. Something that all early stage investors are acutely worried about.
Richard Neumann

President and Founder, TriLumina, USA


Dudley Hamilton

Drug rehabilitation NGO, Medical Industry

A 1Day 2 Market interactive training session with a major New York City NGO consulting agent and CEO at Dudley Hamilton. The NGO are preparing for change and restructuring of the organization. Using our SimplyStrategic©SWOT Model we together established how to instigate a meaningful strategic process plan for the staff, managers and the board. Highlight critical areas of training, the use of assets to gain preferred supplier status with federal government medical programs. Review new technologies in telemedicine and board participation in fund raising.

New York City, USA

Technology startup

Completed strategic marketing and financial review of the startup company, enabling TriLumina to gain additional investor funds for 20gb wifi connection development. TriLumina Corporation is developing the next generation of hi speed data transmission (and other industry applications incorporating laser technology) in which they plan to develop products where they are digitizing light.

Nevada, USA.

Terrastone – Terraseal. – Chemical – Brown field remediation technology.

 Advised two Cornell Professors on establishing the most advantageous market entry scenario for this unique IP in brown field ground remediation. Delivered advisory services and a proposal that allows the IP owners to gain market entry at the pre-remediation level, reducing entry barriers while keeping costs in moderation.

New York, USA.

Arma International, USA
Ground Penetrating Radar Technology.

Delivered advisory sales proposal for the sale of the GPR system. Established the unique added valued aspects (its competitive advantage) of the systems unique simultanious speed and depth penetration. Advised on the multiple selling, leasing, renting scenarios available.

New York, USA.


Medical industry mobile EEG technology

MemoryMD requested assistance to bring to market their NeuroEEGTM mobile product together with a digital cap branded as EasyCap, for the use in detecting Alzihmers and concussion in any action sports. Reviewed the leasing proposals of their product to a range of clients from practitioners to neurologists. Looked at their sales opportunities through a network of channel suppliers and direct sales, both domestically and internationally. We also looked at utilization of wireless technology and advancements in EEG testing, to deliver a more rapid diagnostic tool that would bring benefits faster to both the providers and the patients.

New York City, USA


Insurance industry

Combined typical customers are in the B2C insurance markets. A much smaller part of their insurance is in the B2B sector. To help with the sustaining growth of Combined, Strategic Global Group wrote a proposal on penetrating the B2B markets. Highlighted their added value contracts verses the competition in cost, value and benefits. Established the criteria for resources required to address the B2B markets, and how to complete compensation and expense policies for an adjacent sales force that will have to navigate similar but different selling strategies.

Latham, NY, USA