1Day 2Market

We recommend our 1Day 2Market Clinic. Its not obligatory, but it is the most effective way of ascertaining your assets and liabilities, with our SimplyStrategic©SWOT Model.

Goals of Module:
Popular with our client’s the1Day 2Market clinic is an extensive one-day session. It is highly interactive and it’s an E Z strategic starting point. It is designed to simplify your understanding of strategy.
It is applicable no matter what level of experience you have, or the age of your business, new or mature.

Your take away:
1Day 2Market clinic will clarify what your ‘job to be done’ is. We will review your assets and resources. You will have a clear understanding of how to best use those resources, processes and capabilities.
Through our 1Day 2Market clinic you will confidently know how to apply good strategic thinking to your business future.
Ultimately you will have a complete understanding of your current business, its service or products and your market position.


Ideal for:
• Detailed level review of your business and objective(s).
• Change is required in the organization, and you want to do better, the way you are doing your processes now.
• There is a need to grow your business
• There is a need to add to your business
• You are a service provider and want to be the preferred supplier
• You want a clear concise exit strategy


Where: Primarily On Site. Skype or WebEx or any other video medium can also be arranged, please contact for more information.

Phil Wilton
Ph: (707) 971-0131
Email: philwilton@strategicglobalgroup.com

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