About Phil

Phil offers significant experience as an executive in multi-national Fortune 1000 companies, having spent more than 25 years in semiconductor and other technology products as a strategic business development executive. A dual national of the United Kingdom and the United States, Phil has worked for Thorn and General Electric in the UK, and Tegal Corp and Applied Materials in the United States. He has also spent time in Germany, China, and Taiwan.

In his multi-national career, Phil has served as Regional Manager for southeast England for General Electric, and as Regional Operations Manager for Applied Materials, Northern Europe and Israel. He moved to Germany as the European General Manager with Tegal GmbH covering both East and West Europe. While with Tegal, Phil moved to the United States as Sales Director for North America, then was promoted to Senior Director, Global Operations and finally as Senior Director of Business Development, Asia Pacific spending a year in China and Taiwan. Phil has negotiated sales revenues in excess of $90 million and operations revenues of $72 million, as well as technical programs in joint international development and establishing foreign channel partnerships.

As an independent strategic consultant, Phil has successfully contracted with major companies such as AMC Logistics; UEFA (European soccer’s governing body) based in Belgium, a €6.3B business; established a technology startup, Drytek Distribution in Florida; expanded Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in vacuum technology in California; and written financial and marketing plans for a fast food start-up company in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has also supplied advisory services to many various technology, medical, manufacturing and other industries in either start-up, business expansion and development mode.
He has successfully earned certified strategic studies from both Cornell and Harvard University in competitive advantage, measuring and improving business performance and disruptive strategy. He earned his MBA from the University of Liverpool and wrote his thesis on ‘the effects of formal and informal institutions on business negotiations’.