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Need an exit strategy? Seek opportunity in your exit strategy. Identify the company’s successful attributes. What is your businesses value and competitiveness? Define your business assets and be prepared for the buyer and their due diligence team. Keep the upper hand in your exit negotiation.

Goals of this Module:
We see business sales and exit strategies as an opportunity for the selling clients and we believe you are always in a stronger position than you think you are. This is a pre- market sale review with an in depth look at your asset, your market and your customer base. You need the best selling story that you can deliver and we can help you frame that story, for the maximum return on investment that you put into building your business.

Your take away:
We look at your business now and really define through our SimplyStrategic©SWOT Model your starting negotiating point. A thorough review of your business is examined. The structure of your business, due diligence looking at the assets of your core service or product, client base, your competitors and their competitive advantages verses yours. Reviewing IP including trademarks. We will also examine the general business of your company such as environmental aspects, social responsibility and investments. On the financial side we will review your annual reports, performance and financial health. The results of any operations and inventory’s and or stock, including if applicable all work in progress, finished goods and any warehousing.
We will also review any contractual obligations from suppliers or buyers or the company as a whole, including legal contractual and compensation contracts. We can also advise on commercial selling agencies or review your business with your own agency choice. 

Where: On-site

Phil Wilton
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