New Biz Idea

Need venture capital? Angel Investors? Need a pre-shark tank or dragon’s den experience? Get ready for that meeting with the right facts about your competitive advantage, presentation and market position.
And if required, we can help you source investors.

Goals of Module:
When you are standing in front of angels or business investors, they are looking for a sense of security for their investment. You have to convince them you have a service or product that is worth their time and money.
This is a pre-‘Shark Tank’, pre-‘Dragon’s Den’ environment, and we know you will want to be well informed and feel confident in presenting the competitiveness of your service or product. You have one–shot. Be prepared for that meeting with the right facts in your presentation.

Your take away:
New Start-up module is an in depth review with our SimplyStrategic©SWOT Model of your service or product, identifying what your competitive advantages are, and how and what market entry you will take. We will also look at what level of financing you require and how that will be allocated to the business.
Be prepared and have the facts of your venture clear. You can even pitch and practice your presentation with us.
Optionally if you are looking for Angels or Venture Capitalist or just plain Capital, we can source contacts for you during the module completion.

Where: Primarily On Site. Skype or WebEx or any other video medium can also be arranged, please contact for more information.


Phil Wilton
Ph: (707) 971-0131

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