New Product Integration

Introducing a new service or product into your core and how you finance it requires special attention. How do you align the “new” with the existing? We will examine the symmetry’s of your new service or product with your core and the financial and market implications.

Goals of Module:
Assist you in how to bring in a new service or product into an existing business environment.
Establish the synergies of the new service or product verses your core business.
Assess the integration of the new service or product effects, and possible disruption on your established business?
How to financially structure the new service or product entry into your business and into the consumed market. The aim here is to avoid self-disruption of the core business.

Your take away:
A complete review of your existing business, your resources and your capabilities. A company’s current expertise and culture is important, as it will have been formed successfully in delivering your core services and products.
After assessing the new service or products synergies to the existing business we will look at the financial implications on the current core business. The profit formulas here will depend greatly on your current resources and the processes you have in place. We will help you manage the scenario so that you do not self disrupt and the new business model works in harmony with your current business.
We also will review with you the 1Day 2Market Clinic of our SimplyStrategic©SWOT Model.

Where: On-site.

Phil Wilton
Ph: (707) 971-0131

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