New Start-Up

Successfully launch your business into the right market entry point! Establish which new market strategy typically wins attractive returns, the best ROI for your products or services.

Goals of Module:
To assist you in as smooth a transition as is possible with your service or product into the right market entry point.
Help you clearly identify your business model and the targeted customer base.
We will review your complete business with the SimplyStrategic©SWOT Model and determine your market disruption.

Your take away:
Review your branding and marketing plan, discussing your resources, proposed processes and your profit formulas.
Determine if your ‘new’ product is a ‘new’ product or do you have a ‘new’ derivative of a product that is already out there? It’s important to quantify so that your start up can win business from the get go.
Show how to launch your start up into the right market entry point. Are you targeting the over served market space or customers that are currently not consuming?
A review of your business model, and establish your service or products competitive advantage verses the competition.
Enter markets with the right business models where new entrants can win and gain business. We will discuss how you align your innovation with the market and how you are going to disrupt that market.

Where: Primarily On Site. Skype or WebEx or any other video medium can also be arranged, please contact for more information.

Phil Wilton
Ph: (707) 971-0131

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