Change is an opportunity to restart! And change can be new innovation to sustain your growth. This is a watch and listen module designed to improve the company’s performance and exploit existing processes and cost structures. The change can be at the department level, or of the whole company.

Goals of the Module:
Help you change and/or restructure your business and review the impacts, of deliberate or emergent strategies on the overall business or a department within the business. To review your resource distribution and the strategic actions on the processes, products or acquisitions, and establish what the current effects will be. Identify the efficiencies of the processes that you currently have in place and understand the profit formulas that you make, the decisions and how they structurally and financially affect the proposed changes

Your take away:
A complete business review with our 1Day 2 Market Clinic and the SimplyStrategic©SWOT Model identifying all your assets and attributes. If required one-on-one discussions with leading employees to understand current processes and seek out unanticipated opportunities from problems and successes. Establish the actual planning, the changes including the placement of the right people into the right roles, to extract maximum effect within their specific skill sets. Mitigate external influences that can disrupt the changes to the business. Review of the management accounting and introduce, if required, new management accounting that that better reflects the changes being implemented.

Where: On-site.

Phil Wilton
Ph: (707) 971-0131

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