I have known Phil professionally for almost 25 years, initially as a client in his role with Applied Materials Corp. and subsequently following his considerable success in a variety of ever more challenging roles within globally diverse organisations and, the many articles and insights he has provided via his consulting and on-line publications.

Belying Phil’s extensive hands-on managerial experience there exudes a wealth of industrial knowledge, in-depth international cultural awareness, a very astute commercial mind and, an academic capability which is truly impressive.

Phil is a winner both as a single contributor and also as a team player. He takes the time to appreciate the terms of reference of any role or challenge, to listen, to research, to interact collaboratively internally and externally, to problem solve creatively and, to drive and close win:win scenarios.

I believe that Phil’s skills, capabilities and experience are a valuable asset in any organisation and I certainly would have no hesitation working with him again.

Paul T. Forry

Managing Director, Applied Materials

I know Phil as an excellent business manager and has a great insight in financials. He knows how to drive for results and to get the best for his customers and his people. He has excellent communication skills. He has good problem solving skills. I have enjoyed working for 5 years with this outstanding experienced professional.

Marc Dobbe

Financial Controller, Provisur Technologies Inc

I worked closely with Phil when he headed up the European division. The outstanding results he achieved in Europe led to him being transfered to the US to head the world wide sales effort. He is an outstanding performer and is highly recommended.

Colin Tierney

Retired Operations Executive , Watsonville, California

People often use the term business partner but in my experience, Phil is the true business partner. I have been a provider of quality candidates to Phil’s organization and dealing with him was a very rewarding business experience and we have built a strong friendship as a result.
I have no hesitation in recommending him as a person and as a business partner.

Faris Wahab

Semiconductor and Microelectronics International Recruitment - Executive Search, Knights Technology Search & Selection

Phil Wilton is an up-beat, agile, seasoned, senior manager with demonstrated skills and accomplishments in international sales leadership, international business development, and international customer support roles in the semiconductor capital equipment industry. I have seen Phil be successful in a variety of circumstances, including tight or tricky situations, in various parts of the world; Phil always emerges from customer conference rooms with orders in his pocket, with the customer closer to his side, and with a smile on his face at the end of a long day. Thatʼs the real differentiator Phil brings to the game: the ability to get the job done, and to do it all with grace and good humor.

Paul Werbaneth

Global Product Marketing Director, Intevac

I first met Phil in Austria when I was called out to do some emergency repair work. I was invited to sit in a management meeting between him and the upset upper management. I was very impressed by his ability to listen and empathize with them and yet maintain control of the meeting. He understood my abilities and what they demanded and proposed a very acceptable solution. He gave me the tools I needed to complete the task and in the end, the customer was very pleased.

He later came to the United States were I eventually reported directly to him. He never gave me a job that wasn’t in one way or another, successful. I wouldn’t say I was never frustrated with some of the task he assigned to me but the company was his first obligation and my personal feelings were second. He was very fair with his team and worked out issues between us and the company and us and our customers. He never passed blame when issue arose but was more interested in resolutions.

He is a planner and a multitasker who uses his skills for success. He is as upfront and honest as his position allows. He can be political when needed but prefers negotiations and resolution. He is not afraid to “lay out his cards and tell it like it is” and can take criticism and blame when warranted. He has meet and negotiated with customers all over the world.

Of all the managers I have had through the years, I would continue working for him. His success means my success.

Paul Hancock

Principal Engineer, Western Digital Company

As an in-house contract Recruiter, I worked with Phil at Tegal and have known him for approximately 11 years. I enjoyed working with him on a professional basis and have always been impressed by his attention to detail, his energy and the motivation that seems to run through his veins in the workplace. He strives to complete his goals on time and reaches above and beyond with no hesitation for the greater good. He is a futuristic and strategic thinker by nature; he has the most drive of anyone I have ever worked with in a Field Ops position. He is extremely loyal and very thorough; he is excellent in a team environment, enjoys his work and is respected by his customers. I can easily say I would highly recommend Phil to any of the clients I represent professionally with no hesitation.

Alison Wright

Staffing & Sales Account Manager | Recruiter | Employer Branding Writer | Hiring Strategist, Wright, Ltd.

I had the privilege to work with Phil on a number of projects at Tegal over many years. We worked in several key account programs that generated some of the largest single purchase contracts in our company history. He is tenacious, professional, and skillful in his dealings with even the toughest customers, and was often the first person I turned to when a key customer needed support. Phil was happy to share his business experience gathered during his years in large corporate support organizations, and I think my own customer interaction skills were the better for it. He handles stressful situations with good humor, and I strongly recommend Phil Wilton as an asset to any business.

John Almerico

Product Manager - Etch & CVD Platforms, OEM Group, Inc.

Phil was able to coordinate efforts in selling equipment accross the world. He was pleasent to work with – very direct on his requests from engineers such as me.

He has great international expertise and connections with a sharp focus on real sales opportunites.
Yet, he has a great sense of humor and is easy to work with.

Steven Marks

Research Scientist, Nanotech Company

Phil played a key role in building trusts and connections between his organization and mine. Accordingly we were able to work closely together to explore a much larger customer base and to effectively develop business.

Chenting Lin

Director, WESi Technology

Extensive experience in international Sales and Service management in the capital equipment industry. Effective at leading multi-national teams in award-winning customer support efforts.

George Landreth

Engineering Manager, R&D, Nor-Cal Products

Phil has extensive experience in leading successful Service and Sales Teams both Domestic and Internationally. I highly recommend Phil due to his outstanding work ethics and “can do” attitude. It truly has been a pleasure to work with Phil.

Jess Reeves

Service Manager, Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy Inc.