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I met Phil as he started up Drytek. During a remarkably short period of time I have witnessed how Phil put in place the structure for successful business development. Starting from nothing, Phil negotiated US distribution rights with oversees technology manufacturers, and put in place the critical network of representatives in the US for sales and service of those products.

Emmanuel Rausa

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cymer

It has been a pleasure and a great help working with Phil on this project. I am constantly working with current and potential investors to raise additional funds for TriLumina. Some of the ratios and “Marketing Moments” are exceedingly helpful. With a measurement such as dollars spent on IP with investment, I can show my investors that we are being prudent with their dollars. Something that all early stage investors are acutely worried about.

Richard Neumann

President and Founder, TriLumina, USA

Phil worked with me for a year. During this time he helped me recognize strengths and weaknesses of my business and identified ways to move onwards.

He tutored me with skill, reminding me of forgotten theories and teaching me new ways to look at the business.
Nothing flash or fancy, just a good solid path to moving my business onwards and upwards and providing my customers with even better service.

One particular skill Phil has is using real knowledge and experience to solve real problems, rather than the usual Management Consultancy jibber jabber which promises everything but achieves nothing.

Andrew Moore

CEO, AMC Logistics, Belguim

Dear Phil:

FMG acknowledges your contributions, and desires to continue to work with you as appropriate to further our mutual interests if you choose to do so.

FMG understand that we acknowledge your contributions with respect to assisting FMG in selling remanufactured vacuum pumps as well as new Hanbell pumps. In that regard, FMG is willing to extend to you the opportunity for the payment of commissions consistent with our previous commissions schedule with respect to sales generated by you personally as well as HRL sale of PS80 Dry Pump.

FMG wishes you every success in your future endeavors. As always, I am available to answer any questions you may have or provide further insight into how FMG wishes to move forward.

Very Truly Yours,

Gary Govola

President, FMG

Oct 2017:

Strategic Global Group is now serving as an Industry Mentor for Glenn McClure, Adjunct Professor, SUNY Geneseo, who is also a composer and arts consultant, and Dr. Kirk Anne, Assistant Director, Systems & Networking, and Research Technologist, SUNY Geneseo inventors of data sonification, an automated digital engine that translates numerical sequences into sound for both archived and real-time data streams. The product provides sonification that can be integrated into music or other audible sounds.


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